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🚨NEW: @mcuban says @GaryGensler could “literally cost @JoeBiden the election” because of all the young voters that own crypto.

“If he has a political career in mind, he’s done,” Cuban says of Gensler.

Next decade will be defined by two technologies.

AI and crypto.

AI tells us what's possible.

Crypto tells us what's true.

zk proving & verifying costs will drop toward zero so we can verify AI content & defeat deepfakes.

Bullish zk.

Bullish @alignedlayer making zk cheap.

Keith Gill is a genius. He is drinking a beer and dressed like a clown to purposely give the impression of dumb money. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

As a long time poker player I know a smart person when I see one. He isn’t talking at all about market dynamics related to…

China sold $50B of US bonds last quarter.
Officially, they buy $25B of gold per year.
At that rate, they’ll flip reserves by 2026.
They will hold more gold than Treasuries.

Did Ethereum make a mistake by outsourcing its execution?

I don't think there are many strong criticisms of Ethereum - things like fragmented liquidity and bridging UX will be resolved.

The strongest case against Ethereum is that it was a mistake to outsource its execution…

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