The Beauty of Hostel Life

Alright, this has been brought up enough times that it deserves its own article.

Why do I purposefully seek out hostels instead of hotels?

It sometimes seems as if people put hostels on the same level as a back alley motel… This is 100% not the case! Other than cost, there are tons of benefits hostels provide that hotels don’t. In addition, a lot of the hostels I’ve stayed in were just as nice, if not nicer, than the nearby hotels!

Here is my Top 10 list for why to stay in hostels:

  1. Friendships – You quickly bond with other travelers and move past small talk! Everyone is in the same situation and excited to be in a new place. Hiking up a mountain can quickly turn into discussions on philosophy, life stories, dreams, hardships, and even how to change the world!
  2. Community Atmosphere – You may wake up one day, head down to the lounge area, and (after coffee) have someone ask if you want to join them on their expedition for the day. Everyone is looking for companions to explore with, and your days become action-packed without needing a set plan!
  3. Great Locations – Hostels are always in the prime spots of the city! You can always walk to the main attractions.
  4. Kitchen – Have you ever missed home cooking while traveling? In a hotel, you are forced to eat whatever is at the nearby restaurants. Hostels typically have their own kitchens that are free to use!
  5. Washer and Dryer – Hostels usually have a washer and dryer on-site. Have you ever gotten a stain on that favorite shirt while traveling or forget to pack enough underwear? Not a problem while at a hostel!
  6. Helpful, knowledgeable locals – Hostel staff are usually young, live nearby, and are eager to help their guests! They always have an answer and will point you in the right direction.
  7. Events – Hostels host events for their guests! Some examples include BBQ buffets, cooking lessons, bar crawls, and happy hours!
  8. Lounge Areas – The lounges in hostels are great places to meet new people or just sit and get work done. It’s a similar atmosphere to working in a coffee shop back home!
  9. Discounts – Hostels get discounts for everything from taxis to tourist attractions to bars! Hotels charge you more for taxis… Hostels will bring you to where you want to go in their own cars!
  10. Fast Wi-Fi – Surprisingly, I found that a lot of hostels have better wi-fi than the hotels I stayed in! They know what’s important!

Now, I already know your next question. What do these places actually look like?? Don’t worry, I thought of that. Take a look!





There ya have it. Next time you plan a trip, take a look at some of the hostels around town! The two best sites are: Hostelworld and

What have your hostel experiences been? Let me know in the comments below!

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